Even while writing the original screenplay, we knew this story came with a lot of questions. That’s because it is by its nature just one iteration, just one part, of a larger story. We start in a perfectly normal world — just two girls in a vacant parking lot at night — but as the story progresses our sense of time, space and reality begin to fall apart. Naturally, questions arise. 

• Where did the book come from — it doesn’t exactly seem ancient.
• Where did Alex go?
• What is the nature of the ritual — do Alex and Samantha even truly understand it? 
• Where do the future selves of Alex and Samantha come from/go to?
• Is this the first iteration of this story? It can't be, right? 
• What would happen if Samantha stayed in the circle? Does she have a choice?
• Is “future” Samantha making conscious decisions? 
• Can the cycle be broken? By who?

And that’s just non-spoiler questions. 

Believe it or not, we have answers to these questions. When we created this world, it had to make sense and had to adhere to its own rules. One of our biggest pet peeves is when writers create a world with rules and then characters or circumstances break those rules. Once that happens, it becomes difficult to suspend disbelief, and a little bit of the magic is gone.

There is a broader and more complex story in this world that we believe we can tell in a compelling and beautiful way. If you would be interested in seeing Meet You In The Parking Lot evolve into a feature film, we would be thrilled to speak with you.